Alumni Foundation Scholarship for School Service and Leadership
The Washington Alumni Foundation Scholarships are awarded to graduates who demonstrate exceptional service and leadership to the school and their classmates. This is not an academic scholarship, and class rank is a minor factor in the selection process. Students who have taken active roles in student government and school-related service activities are highly desirable candidates for this scholarship.

Carrie Nunes Community Service Scholarship
The Carrie Nunes Scholarship is made possible through an endowment by the Nunes Family. Students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to community service projects during their high school career are excellent candidates for his award.

Fred Brower-Doug Ely Memorial Journalism/Publications Scholarship
The Fred Brower-Doug Ely Publication Scholarship is awarded to a student that exhibits true aptitude for journalism in Yearbook or Newspaper publications, and wishes to develop their journalistic skills in college. The award is dedicated to Fred Brower, Yearbook advisor and English Teacher for 29 years at WHS, and Doug Ely, ('71) who was Brower’s first yearbook editor and looked-up to him as a mentor throughout his life.  Together they established high journalistic standards for others to follow. The winner of this scholarship should show those types of leadership principles as well as a desire to pursue personal growth and professional excellence in the publication fields.

John Woodcock Memorial Athletic Scholarship
The John Woodcock ('72) Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student athlete that exhibits the same character traits as the scholarship's namesake. John's engaging personality, work ethic, and ability to work with others drew students to him; inside and out of the classroom. Leadership, dedication, enthusiasm, commitment, and participation in, and to, one’s chosen path are the hallmarks of this award.

Pop Goold Aspiring Educator Scholarship
J.V. "Pop" Goold was an outstanding educational leader and key figure in the history of Washington High and Fremont Unified School District. While at WHS, he taught Biology, Chemistry, General Science and PE, was promoted to Vice Principal, and was appointed Principal in 1942. He accepted the appointment of full time school district superintendent in 1954. He was a school district employee from 1931 - 1959. He established the Pop Goold trophy to be given every year to the winner of the Washington - Logan football game. Top candidates for this award will demonstrate and describe their commitment to a career in public education. 

Mike Jacinto Team Player Scholarship

Mike Jacinto was an outstanding student athlete in the class of 1971 who believed that the distance between a person and their goals was simply measured by the work one was willing to do to achieve them, and Mike lived this philosophy throughout his life.  Mike was a Hall of Fame quarterback at Cal State Hayward, an award-winning business owner and community leader, and the founding father of the Washington High School Alumni Foundation.  He was respected by all who knew him for his dedication to his work, clients, colleagues, and the East Bay communities he served.

Candidates for this scholarship will have demonstrated the ability to achieve, excel, and inspire through their example of hard work and dedication in the face of adversity and uncertainty.  Passionate, energetic, prepared, coachable, and confident are all terms that would describe the ideal Mike Jacinto Team Player Scholar.

Steve Barnett Scholarship

The recipient of the Steve Barnett Scholarship should be an outstanding athlete, student and citizen. Steve was a white sweater winner who continued his education at the University of Oregon where he was an All-American on and off the field and later, a community leader. It is our honor to support this exceptional person who embodies the idea of being a member of society who has rights, privileges and duties and who is willing to bring his or her talents to better others.

The Belinda Anne Williams Memorial Biological Sciences Scholarship

Belinda Anne Williams graduated from Washington High School in 1991. She participated in cross country worked in the effort to replace the
school buildings damaged by the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.  She attended Colorado State University and majored in microbiology.  During
her senior year of college she became ill with two devastating illnesses that were thought to be incurable. Belinda managed to recover and
started medical school because she wanted to be a healer. Unfortunately, she was in a terrible bicycle accident in 2011.  She never fully recovered,

and died in May 2018.  This scholarship is to be awarded to an outstanding student, who intends to major in a biological science (biology, microbiology, neuro science, pre-med, pre-vet, molecular biology, biochemistry, bio engineering, genetics, physical therapy, and other biology based studies.The student should demonstrate  leadership, scholastic excellence, and compassion towards those with disabilities.

2019 Scholarship Form - Due April 3, 2019


Class of 2019 -- Student Scholarships

The WHS Alumni Foundation awarded $8000 in scholarships to graduating Seniors from the Class of 2018 at

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