WHS Hall of Fame 2015

The 2nd Annual Hall of Fame Dinner was held on May 16, 2015. The following families were honored:

The Thornburg Family; Dwight & Harriet
The Mozzetti Family; Arnold, Cathy, Trudy, Cyndy & Arnie
The Smith Family; Elinor, Dale, Garth & Robin

These 3 families have been a part of the Washington Family for many years and have left a legacy of commitment, dedication, giving and loyalty to our school and the community as a whole. 

As teachers of Washington High School the Thornburg family have changed the means of education and passion for young Huskies. They also took the time to participate in community activities  One of the longest husband and wife teams in Washington High School history. They taught almost everything under the sun. Dwight thornburgs greatest contribution back to the school was the Alma Mater.

SMITH Family:
As the founding family of Dale Hardware, the Smith family has made a difference in and out of Washington High School as they avidly take a part in our community. A man who had a vision to make Fremont a better place and sent three generations to Washington High School. They have given back to various organizations such as the Niles Rotary, hosting their own carnivals, etcetera.

MOZZETTI Family:      
The family has sent four generations of students to Washington High School. The Mozzetti's have made our Dawg Pound possible and enjoyment of sports with one another. Their contributions to Washington High School are unforgettable. They utilized their trucking company to build Tak and benefit the community with an entire new track and even coached cheerleading.