The Foundation asks for a membership donation each calendar year.

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 Washington High School students, staff and the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors thank you for your generous support!

Established in 1990, the WHS Alumni Foundation's first objective was to save the historic arch from the original main building. After the completion of that task, the Foundation directed its efforts towards funding scholarships for today's students and helping support student and campus activities.

The Foundation was able to award 13 graduates of the Class of 2018 a total of $8000 thanks to your generosity! Since its beginning, the Foundation has awarded over $100,000 in college scholarships to graduating students. In 2016, the Foundation awarded over $850 in Classroom Grants to support the WHS staff and their educational efforts on behalf of the students.

For descriptions of these scholarships, go to the "Classroom Grants" or "Scholarship" page.

We ask for the following annual donations:

  • Annual Membership    $20
  • Senior Citizen (65+) Annual Membership    $15
  • Annual Membership with Spouse    $30
  • Recent Graduate - $5 for the first 5 years after graduation

Memberships and Donations

We will gladly also accept donations for:

  • Classroom / Academic Grant Program     
  • Alumni Foundation Scholarship for School Service and Leadership
  • Carrie Nunes Community Service Scholarship
  • John Woodcock Memorial Athletic Leadership Scholarship
  • Fred Brower-Doug Ely Memorial Journalism-Publications  Scholarship
  • Pop Goold Aspiring Educator Scholarship
  • Steve Barnett Scholarship
  • Mike Jacinto Team Player Scholarship
  • Belinda Anne Williams Memorial Biological Sciences Scholarship