Current Projects

Student Scholarships

The main goal of the of the Alumni Foundation has been to raise funds to create scholarships to students at Washington high school. Over the last 15 years the board has been able to fund several scholarships straight to the student body. We also have private donors that fund named scholarships. We are very grateful for the current scholarship offerrings: John Woodcock Athletic Leadership, Carrie Nunes Community Service, Fred Brower - Doug Ely Publications/Journalism Memorial, Steve Barnett, Mike Jacinto Team Player and Belinda Anne Williams Memorial Biological Sciences Scholarships. We are continuosly looking for more contributions to the foundation to create more scholarships for the students. If you're interested in setting up a scholarship, please e-mail the board directly. Since we are a foundation, all donations are tax-deductible.

Commemorative Bricks

The commemorative brick program was started to raise money to save the arch from the original main building at Washington. The bricks are located around the flagpole in front of the new Main building. Proceeds are now used for student needs and scholarships.

Classroom / Academic Grant Program

Goal: To assist the instructors of Washington High School in providing quality instruction and unique learning experiences for their students.

How could this be achieved?  The Alumni Foundation is looking at things that would not be covered by a district/school budget or where that budget falls short. It could be paying for a substitute so a class can go on an educational field trip, art supplies (clay, paint), and science needs in the lab, etcetera. We’re sure there are many needs to be funded, and we are seeking ideas from administrators and instructors.

The staff application is on the "Classroom Grant" page.  Donations specifically directed to this program are encouraged and accepted.